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Fashion & Interiors


Hazel based in Melbourne-Australia, is an expert in styling your dreams when it comes to Fashion & Interiors, with the whole new full-blown trend to stay-the Virtual Consultation!! It’s a magical combination of professional design guidance, affordability and fast & easy process that is attractive to people anywhere and everywhere (i.e. globally).

Services & Products -> *We provide an extraordinarily stylish, customised and practical online Fashion Guidance (for all genders) and Interior Décor Services/Ideas (please refer to our webpage ).

*We also design tailored-to-fit stunning dresses (please refer to our pwebage ) for women, girls (of all ages & sizes).

*We have our own line of handmade, designer, absolutely glam décor pieces (please refer to our webpage )

The Process -> For the virtual Interior Décor services offered internationally, an interactive questionnaire including budget estimate, room measurements and photos allow Hazel to create customized mood board proposals that are later converted into photo-realistic 3D renderings. After the design is fine-tuned using client’s opinions and consent, a shopping list (including proposed décor/furniture pieces and an advise on stores (near to clients’ location) where they can be bought from-but not obligatory) and execution tips are offered. 

In regards to the virtual Fashion Guidance occasion, age, size, persona, personal style, choice, are taken into consideration to put all the best accessories together in order to enhance the personality and charm and create clients’ very own signature style to make them stand out confidently in the crowd!

Our décor pieces #designedbyhazel can be bought from our webpage


Communication -> The designer-client communication happens via email and phone.

Mode of Payment -> Payments can securely be made via Paypal.

Turn around -> 4-6 weeks {projects may be expedited or extended according to client timelines.}


 ♥ While we are designing your Dreams, don’t forget to stay Stylish