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Heyy it’s Halloween!! It’s that time of the year again when nights are lit with jack-o-lanterns and bonfires! {And have you realised we are so close to the end of this year?? Wowwww!! Can I borrow your wings, Dear Time? I am sure I won’t fly as fast as you do, buuuuut I would certainly take a U-turn in the time space at least for once.. hmm… who doesn’t want a time machine, come on, be honest lol :)}

Well my first blog for my Style website and the topic is Halloween, interesting, yeah?! And why not, #hazelisstyle , who can style anything under the Sun and ‘the lanterns’!

180 (2)
This little 6 years old Angel turned into a Devil by Hazel last year.

Okay, lemme tell you the reason behind it, I was actually going through my travel pics this evening and came across my Hong Kong photos where we witnessed the most beautiful (scary still beautiful, I meant 😝) Halloween Parade at the Disneyland {I had a video of it but could not find 😦 , you know that always happens when you need something really bad, you just cannot find it no matter how deep you dig!! Well here’s one pic that I could relate to this topic.}

IMG_0920 (2)
Note: That’s myself in this picture (white top & carbon shorts), but I blurred it ‘cos my face there was looking much more orange/red than that pumpkin because of the sunburn I got from the extremely scorching Sun shining on the top of our heads the whole day at Disneyland in Sep-2016.

And tomorrow is Halloween, so I got a quick idea and straight then I tried to create some spooky effect in my studio (aaaand in my walk-in-robe, you know my creativity, don’t you ?!?😄) And that’s how I chose this topic.

Photo Creds: Hazel    Location: My Wardrobe

Halloween {Hallowe’en – originated from All Hallows’ Even (or All Saints’ Eve)} is celebrated on 31st of October in remembrance of all the dead, including saints (hallows), all the faithful departed and martyrs. For children it’s the most awaited evening of the year as they love playing ‘trick or treat’, dressing up as witches, vampires, ghosts, evil spirits. And by any chance do we adults stay behind? The answer is, “No!” We organise and participate in the scary costume parties. (See this is where I see all the styling in costumes, makeup, presentation-my designer mind never takes a break hahaha!) and that’s how this blog originated and I actually have a project coming up this weekend where I will be styling some devils for this year’s Halloween Parties.

How my mighty mannequin and studio could escape the evil spell this Halloween?? Setup & Photo Creds: Hazel    Location: My Studi

Alright so keeping it short and sweet, Halloween-I personally believe, comes with mixed emotions, for me atleast it does. But my punchline is keep it stylish no matter what! So all my beautiful people out there rock the parties, look your best even when the attires are going to be stained with blood (ohh, didn’t I say fake??), faces are going to be painted black/green, create your the most scary looks, glow in the dark, have fun and stay safe!


Feel free to share your pics with me, tag those on my instagram⇓

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And for any styling tips, you know I am just a ping away xoxo



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