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Diwali-the festival of lights; the festival of victory; the festival of surrender, love, happiness, togetherness; the festival which is my top favourite among all the Indian festivals! The reason is obvious-you all know I totally love lights, candles, colours, positive vibes and this is the most vibrant festival of all! It brings positivity, sheer brightness even on the darkest night of the month! Since my childhood, I have been fond of Diwali lights and candles. I remember I used to wait for my Dad to come home so that we could go upstairs and light up the candles and fairy lights. (My Dad who was a renowned doctor, led a king-size life, households were not on his list nor he ever participated in any household dramas, he used to live like a king, and when I say king, his each and every act was like a king! But then it’s said- girls are daddys’ babies so I was that one little person in his life whom he used to call a ‘li’l piggy’ and he always did whatever I wanted, so this used to be one single household drama he used to participate in the whole year, every year, where he would go upstairs with me to light those candles up ‘cos his ‘li’l piggy’ loved doing that.) I wish I had atleast one single pic from one of those nights where we both used to see fireworks from our terrace while putting the candles on ❤️

Diwali means ‘row of lamps’ and that’s one main tradition to be followed on Diwali that is lighting up the lamps – the actual earthen lamps. Though these days they are getting replaced by more fancy versions, by tea-lights, by fairy lights and even the LED and battery operated tea light candles.

8185395752_d352dac13b_h[1] (6)
A random pic showing earthen Lamps   Edited by: Hazel
Talking about Diwali and no discussion about ethnic wear, how’s that possible? And when it comes to dressing up in a traditional outfit, possibilities are endlessly stylish! Be it colours, styles or accessories, you can’t go wrong with all those shiny, bright combinations.

094 (4)
My model dressed up in an ethnic wear (Designed by: Hazel 
IMG_20181106_230505 (2)
Another idea for Diwali dinner- A net base Saree with handwork on it. Designed by: Hazel
IMG_20181106_213249 (2)
A Punjabi suit just perfect for this occasion, taken to a totally different level by Hazel, half backless with halter neck.
IMG_20181104_204844 (2)
My model wearing this sensual Maang Tikka, isn’t it just perfect for this Diwali? {A Tip: Try it with an ankle length long ethnic kurta paired with your favourite ripped denims, untied loosely curled hair, I can bet you’d set the night on fire!!

Home décor  is another major part of this festival. Candles, lights, flowers, colourful manchester- you can go as crazy with colours as you want.

IMG_20181106_191345 (2)
One of my creations from this evening for this Diwali. See my love for candles(these are my all time favourite floating candles), flowers (I used fresh rose petals from my garden) and the beautiful colours of rangoli!

Fireworks, sweets, offering prayers to Lord Ganesha (The Elephant God) and Goddess Lakshmi, how one can forget that!

IMG_20181104_205235 (3)
Photo Creds: Hazel     Location: Springers Leisure Centre, Melbourne

All in all Diwali is a symbol of positivity, prosperity, health and wealth. Keep it stylish, keep safe, light up your lives with colours and positive attitude. It’s one life, live it up!!


Feel free to share your Diwali pics with me, tag those on my instagram⇓

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And for any styling tips, you know I am just a ping away xoxo

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