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I am Hazel, a classy, stylish, grounded human being, professionally and personally settled in Australia, born in India and have traveled the world! I bring with me the richness of various cultures. I love & live colours, lights, fragrances, positive vibes, lively places! Extremely passionate about Fashion, Interiors and Singing! Presentation is very important for me and Ahh! I can’t settle for anything less than those manners!! For me religion is humanity. My beliefs – Love, Respect and Live & Let Live that Dreamt Life! I launched my label HAZEL on the 3rd of Dec. 2017 which is all about Style, Trends, Fashion, Attitude! I write whenever any particular thought about Fashion and/or Interiors hit my head and you can find all those sparks in my Blogs. So come, be a part of my elegant journey, I have lots to share!