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          Summers  vs. Winters- Same Same But Different!

Most of the countries are heading towards winters nowadays (let’s say the Northern Hemisphere) while Southern Hemisphere is getting into summers slowly (where Christmas is celebrated on quite a hot day 😕)  and my pretty country-Australia is one of those! {Wait, don’t get me wrong.. I myself TOTALLY love Summers 😊} And no wonder why we leave no chance to celebrate Christmas in July too 😋!

Well, I was going through my instagram posts last night where I stopped at the one I shared back in July I think, this year, about my favourite winter look and that post got me thinking how these two seasons i.e. Summers and Winters, share similarities being so different.

Here’s my instagram picture which initiated this blog↓

A pink short dress paired up with a coat, long boots, a scarf, handbag and sunnies. Look created by : Hazel     Location: My Studio

Now look at the picture below, a li’l variation in accessories and you get altogether a fresh summer look!

IMG_20181121_103941 (2)
The same pink short dress I paired today with sandals, a backpack and a floral summer scarf & sunnies to keep the face safe from sunburns-(There you go! It’s well said, nothing comes without pain 😝) 

Let’s see some more similarities amongst the obvious differences!

  1. Hydration and/or Moisture

Drinking lots of water in Summers keeps you hydrated while applying lots of creams/lotions keeps you moisturised in Winters. Moral of the story is water/moisture  content has to be highly up for that healthy, supple looking skin during both the seasons.

IMG_20181121_141523 (2)
This is my stunning jug that I fill up with eight glasses every morning and finish by approximately 7pm every night in Summers. Pretty hydrated-yeah‽
IMG_20181121_105202 (2)
And this one-a bit boring dressing table but that’s all I pretty much have on it, (other than my tinted lip balm and kohl) my trusty Aveeno Oatmeal Moisturiser which is so damn good and this pretty copper canister of oil which keeps alternating between almond oil and coconut oil to keep my skin nourished in winters.

2) Staying Indoors -quite similar for both seasons-right?

Well, my skin is prone to sunburns so I try to stay indoors in summers and in chilly winters who wants to go out anyway? I just can’t take my eyes off my sheer curtains flowing with the breeze in Summers creating that romantic look and my warm throws & rugs in Winters adding that extra warmth and coziness alongwith the scent of candles.

IMG_20181121_110442 (2)
Sheer curtains add a gorgeous look to any room along with some extra privacy while letting the sun shine through.  Set up: Hazel
IMG_20181121_112847_HHT (2)
For me seating arrangement is not complete without the throws and rugs in winters. And ahh! those candles and their hypnotising fragrance! Look created by: Hazel

3) Outdoor fun

Talking about going to pools, beaches in Summers and not thinking of showing off your gorgeous curves, really???? 😝😝😝😝 Well  those sexy swim suits make you flaunt every inch of your body as long as you carry them with a class! And do you think you need to pack them away for Winters?? Nah! Hot Springs are the answer baby!! Indulge yourself in spas, massages, romantic hideouts by going to those beautiful hot spring resorts.

IMG_20181121_175106 (2)
Once upon a time I was a National Level Swimmer but till date I love adding to my swim suit collection (I just can’t get enough of those beautiful pieces) but this one is my absolute favourite! (A tip: When it comes to swim suits, other than the right colour, texture is extremely important for that comfort and style.) Photo Creds: Hazel

4) BBQs and Bonfires

Who doesn’t love BBQs on hot days? And who doesn’t believe that BBQs lead to rain?? (Well, I am not superstitious but have experienced that most of the times!) See this pic below, as soon as we started BBQ on a hot evening last summers it started getting cloudy followed by the rain later at that night. BBQ and then staying up till late night, enjoying food, long conversations, listening to music under starry nights! {See I introduced you to another passion of mine-my life is dead without listening to music and singing.} 

IMG_20181121_165044 (2)
Summer of 2017 @ my backyard, roasting chicken!

And ohh! those long Winter nights, fireplaces, bonfires, music, soft blankets, snuggled up! That’s my most favourite part of winters, well probably ‘the only’ favourite part about winters!

My back yard, a freezing night set on (bon)fire, gone winters.  Photo Creds: Hazel

5) And finally, Hot Coffee and Iced Mocha!

The much needed stuff whether it’s summers or winters—coffee!! Totally revives me after my tiring schedule!

IMG_20181121_172112 (2)
Love these cute coffee mugs, they create such a warm look on a winter night! I bought these recently after getting inspired by my best friends mugs’ collection ❤️ Photo Creds: Hazel
IMG_20181121_171503 (2)
And this home made Iced Mocha from this evening with that cute ice-cream face!!! Ohhh you bring a biiig smile on my face on a hot day as you keep my stubborn headaches away! Photo Creds: Hazel

So to wrap it up, I think everyone has their personal choice and preference when it comes to weather. All I would say is no matter what season of the year it is, keep it comfortable, keep it stylish!

And yeah, feel free to share if you come up with more similarities and differences within these two seasons and your summer/winter look(s) on my instagram, would love to see all those unique styles⇓

or use my hashtag


I always say it’s not a must to have million clothes, accessories or décor pieces, but it’s a must to be creative with what you have! Sooo get your thinking hats on and bring your ‘the most’ stylish parts out! And if still in dilemma, you know I am just a ping away xoxo


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